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ReSport recognised in the Community Impact Award

ReSport Charitable Trust has been recognised in the Community Impact Award at the 2023 CONBRIO Northland Sports Awards.


March 21, 2024

2023 CONBRIO Northland Sports Awards || Community Impact Award sponsored by PAK'nSAVE Whangārei

ReSport Charitable Trust, based in Whangārei, is dedicated to enabling greater participation in sports by recycling donated sports goods. With a team of 6 volunteer trustees and over 20 volunteers assisting at community events and in the stockroom, ReSport aims to remove barriers to sports participation, particularly for individuals, whānau, and community groups facing financial constraints. The initiative was established in response to the nationwide decline in sports participation, with a focus on addressing affordability issues and environmental concerns related to sports equipment waste.

ReSport has garnered significant community support and collaboration, which has enabled them to collect and redistribute over 3000 units of sports gear, intercept approximately 2000 units of textiles from landfill, and distribute 1257 units back into the community, positively impacting individuals of all age groups and various community organisations. From providing Christmas gifts to whānau in need, supplying sports gear to youth and community groups, ReSport's initiative embodies a shift from consumption to contribution, scarcity to abundance, and isolation to connection within Te Tai Tokerau communities.

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