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ReSport Golf Fundraiser

Discover why Dave Mullen of North Golf Association passionately supports ReSport Charitable Trust in his enlightening radio interview - tune in and be inspired!


February 27, 2024

ReSport thanks Dave Mullen and North Golf Association for their exceptional leadership in spearheading an inaugural golf fundraiser on 01 March at Pines, Whangarei, in support of ReSport Charitable Trust! 🌟Thanks to your efforts, we're able to further our mission of reducing barriers to participation, uplifting those in need, and enabling a sporting experience for all. Together, we're truly making a difference! ReSport and North Golf would like to acknowledge all the sponsors who have come on board to help make this event possible. We will spotlight them in the coming days.

Read more about it here in the New Zealand Herald.

ReSport Charitable Trust golf fundraiser in Whangārei - NZ Herald

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