Resport Charitable Trust Whangarei, Northland

A sporting experience
for all

Enabling more Northlanders the opportunity to play, through the repurposing of donated sports goods, while caring for our environment at the same time

Physically Active
Mentally Thriving

Enabling more of our Northland communities to be active.
To participate in play, physical activity and sport, by providing sports gear that would otherwise not be obtainable e.g. rugby boots, protective gear, a surf board, golf clubs or a hockey stick and ball.

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Making a difference

ReSport Charitable Trust is successfully redistributing preloved sports gear to Northlanders in need, while reducing the impact of textile waste in landfill.

Items Collected
Items Distributed
Textiles Recovered

Our Mission

Enabling our Northland communities to be more active, allowing them to participate in play, recreation and sport, while caring for our environment at the same time


Our goal is to encourage increased participation in play, physical activity, and sports among whānau by providing sports equipment they may lack


From teamwork to boosting confidence; engaging in physical activity and participating in sports provide a multitude of physical, mental, and social advantages for our whānau.


By recycling sports gear, we play a vital role in minimizing the disposal of unwanted equipment and its detrimental impact on the environment.


Our ability to accomplish our goals relies entirely on the support of our communities. By collaborating with individuals and organizations that share our values, we can expand opportunities for whānau to engage in physical activity while simultaneously making positive contributions to the environment.

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